KHB does Archer Hotel Opening!

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The Archer Hotel opening was a blast for us KHB ladies. 

Located next to the Refinery Hotel, the Archer opening was anything but modest.  Outside the Archer staff had set up a social media photo booth and a cigar rolling station!  As we walked into the lobby, adorned with the modernist of lighting fixtures and paintings, we were immediately surrounded by the wafting smells of delicious hors d’oeuvres and pastries.  To the right was a bar that gave us the feeling we were back in the 20’s.  After snagging a gin and tonic we head back past the DJ station to the open plan kitchen where men in bow ties were serving up the crispiest golden fries.  One more turn around the lobby and we head upstairs for a tour of the rooms.  Comfy beds, large bathroom, and modern features…check, check, check!  On the rooftop was another bar with a great view of the empire state building!

The KHB girls had a wonderful time at the Archer Hotel opening and we highly suggest this new modern hotel.


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New Kimpton Hotel Opens in Savannah, GA,  A Place we love!

under the Spansh Moss, behind the stir of the horse drawn carriages, amid the refined hustle and bustle of the lovely tree lined Savannah Squares and cobblestone streets rises the Brice Hotel.  Outside, you’re surrounded by antebellum Southern beauty. Inside, we’re mixing it up with modern flair. The Brice’s 145 guest rooms, including 26 stylish suites, blend vintage and new into Southern beauty that’s downright irresistible. This is the stylish Southern belle of Savannah hotels. Take the mirrored armoire with a surprise pop of fuchsia. Or the edgy version of a classic four-poster bed. And the views? Peek through floor-to-ceiling silver velour drapes onto Washington Square, historic downtown or our garden pool. Among Savannah, GA hotels, The Brice is your classic-meets-cutting-edge choice. -

See more at: http://www.bricehotel.com/savannah-hotel/index.html#sthash.lXU38W3w.dpuf

brice 2 brice brice 4



Spyglass Rooftop Bar NYC Will “Make You Look”

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Spyglass Rooftop Bar NYC Opens at Archer Hotel New York

Inside Spyglass

The cool sophistication bespoke by Archer Hotel and the David Burke Group up at the newly openedSpyglass Rooftop Bar in New York leaves a thumbprint on the imagination as latent as images from a 1950′s mystery flick.  Designer >Glen Coben dreamed up this flashback and flash forward in style and design with steel trim facing off against sparkling mirrors and plush textile designs.  A jolt of color (youmust see the bar stools) brings visitors back to the storyline, which is about the intrigue of the evening ahead.

Made You Look

Stepping outside onto the actual rooftop makes the view of the storied Empire State Building even more breathtaking.  Spyglass offers outdoor space enough for a Manhattan meet-cute, an impromptu drinks meeting with (lots of) friends,  and a private function.  The full service bar offers surprise plot twists with cocktails and dishes designed by David Burke’s team at fabrick restaurant. 

Spyglass Rooftop Bar is special enough to make any cast of characters wonder if they should keep it a secret from the rest of Manhattan, or if they ought to bring friends along to peek out over The Garment District and Midtown.  A person could see lots of things from that vantage point.  Add a few clinking ice cubes and a selection or two from Spyglass’ singularly delectable menu and anything might happen.


Things You Didn’t Know to Look For in a Wedding Room Block!

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   Optimized-Ink48 rooftop (1)            

   Want a wedding photo like this? 


 This bride took a lot more into consideration than getting a hotel with a low rate!





The first thing to know is that by doing a wedding room block you’re saving your guests the time and effort of finding a hotel on their own but that doesn’t mean the hotel has to be perfect for everyone. Some people will have a tighter budget, some people might want a trendy hotel, some might want to use their rewards points, etc. If you think too much about picking the perfect hotel you’ll drive yourself crazy so here’s a list of things to consider that might help with your decision:

  1. The rate
    The rate that the hotels are offering should definitely be taken into account but it is not the single most important factor to consider when selecting a hotel. When considering the rate you want to make sure you’re comparing apples to apples. A Days Inn isn’t the same category as a full service Marriott and that’s something to take into account.

  2. The Location
    There are so many beautiful hotels to choose from, but location is important because as amazing as the hotel might be, if it’s not close to your wedding venue your guests may not stay there. Especially if they’re not familiar with the area, many guests prefer to spend the extra cash to be in a convenient location.

  3. The Concessions
    Take a look at what the hotel is offering you in addition to location and rate. Do they offer free breakfast? Free upgrades? Free cocktail at check-in? Free shuttle? Not every hotel can offer all of these but most hotels will try to separate themselves from the competition by offering something a little extra.

  4. The Amenities
    Many hotel amenities are standard such as a coffee machine in the room or a fitness center, but there are some that definitely shouldn’t be overlooked. These are the things that will make your guests stay extra special. For example, is there a bar at the property? Is there a restaurant on site? Some hotels will press your clothing items, offer turn down service with snacks daily, have a hotel car for guests to use, and let’s not forget the benefits of having a spa at the property.

  5. Think About Your Pictures
    After all is said and done the most vivid memories you’ll have of your special day will be found in the photographs. This is what gets posted on Facebook, put in albums for family to see, and will stand the test of time. If your plan is to get ready at the hotel think about what’s going to be in the background of you in your beautiful gown. Will the room be so crowded with bridesmaids and clothing that your photographer will have a difficult time shooting? If so, splurge for a suite. Do you plan on doing a first look at the hotel? If so, consider all the property has to offer. A suite with a terrace perhaps, or a rooftop pool, bikes that you can take as props for photos, etc. Your guests may not need all these things but you might and if that’s the case don’t overlook it. It’s your day!

Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions about booking with Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks

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Since launching Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks there have been quite a few questions come up that we felt should be addressed. We’re planning to update our website as well to include an FAQ page but in the meantime take a look at our responses to some of the questions we get often:

 1.       Is there a fee for the service?

                               No, we are licensed meeting planners worldwide so the hotels pay our fee not the client

2.        If it’s free, how do u make your money?

                              The hotel pays our fee, its standard industry practice and does not affect the room rates.

3. I get discounts through a different organization can I book my block with them?

                               The discounted rates that you would receive with the government, a group code or an online agency would not work for a
                               group block because hotels limit the number of rooms they will sell at that special rate and usually that number is
                               between 3-5 rooms. In addition these discounts usually require full pre-payment with a zero cancellation policy, which is
                               not the case with a hotel block.

4. What if I see other rates online?

                              This rarely happens but if it does let us know. Worth noting is that online rates change all the time so as your wedding date 
                              approaches you can count on the rates you see online increasing. In addition these online rates will not have the same value as 
                              your special group rates which includes concessions. You will not be able to count on the availability or flexibility of these
                              occasionally discounted channels, where as you can always count on your group block inventory as well as the flexibility of 
                              changing and or canceling.

5. Why should I use this and not go direct to the hotel?

                              We have been in the hospitality industry over 30 years, save yourself the time, money, and energy by letting us use our special                                 negotiated rates for you. We’ll also negotiate the concessions for you and your guests as well as negotiate the stringent
                              contract clauses.

 6. Do you do destination weddings too or is this just for NYC?            

                              We are licensed worldwide and will book your block whether it’s local to NYC or Paris, we’ve done it all.

7. What constitutes needing a wedding room block?

                              If you need 5 or more rooms for your wedding guests, it’s worth looking into a group block.

 8. Is it too early to book the rooms? 

                              Most brides book their hotel block a year in advance, we recommend 9-12 months before your wedding date.

9. After I receive my proposals, do I have to make a decision right away?

                               It’s best to make a decision within a week. Similar to airline tickets, hotel room rates can change weekly so when a hotel
                               gives us a rate it’s valid for about a week. After that it’s up to the hotel on whether or not they will still honor the pricing.

10. What if I want to visit the hotel first?

                              We can set this up for you in addition to reviewing your contract. Simply let us know which hotels you’re interested in and we’ll
                               let the hotels know you’re coming in to visit. 

Need to Know: Booking a Wedding Room Block with Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks

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As a bride or anyone hosting an event where people have to travel, I think we can all agree that your plate is probably full, so why take on more work? We’ve been in the hotel industry over 20 years, we know what to ask, how to get you the best rates, and protect you from the “unknowns” (which to us are not unknown). The best part it’s easy ! Fill out a questionnaire, pick a hotel, and you’ve knocked one task off your planning list!

 2.  Preferred Group Booking Policy

Hotels like groups and we know they like groups because they get offers that an individual wouldn’t. (Perhaps it’s because our group clients are great and the hotels know that…hm…) Whatever the reason, groups get preferential treatment. A hotel might give you the best rooms, private check-ins, welcome drinks, late check-outs, etc. Not to mention that in the event a hotel is overbooked, it’s much easier to send one person to another hotel than it is to send a group, so your reservation is double confirmed!

 3.  Lock-in the Rates

 Hotel rates change every day. But whether a celebrity has made a sudden appearance or there is a finals game in town,  when you book your hotel block in advance your rates are locked-in. So as much as the hotel might want to raise  their rates, you’re one step ahead of the game, and why? Because you have a contract.

4.  You’ll have an assistant

When a group of rooms have been blocked off for a guest, often times the hotel will assign a person of contact who solely manages your block. Instead of having to explain your situation every time you call the front desk, there will be someone who works with you from start to finish. It’s this person who would help you set-up group dinners, breakfasts, and even schedule the distribution of welcome bags.

5.  Personalized Service

Booking online has its downsides such as mandatory prepaid rooms (even when booking months in advance), a zero cancellation policy, and a VERY limited supply of rooms (generally it’s 2-4 rooms). But even with our tolerance of these policies, sometimes things still don’t go as planned and that’s when having booked a hotel block through us would be useful. We’ll just be a phone call away from reminding the hotel of their commitment to your guests.

All you need to know about Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks

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On Monday we were interviewed by Modern Wedding Mom about who we are and what brides should know when looking for a hotel block.

Here’s the link to our tell-all interview: 
Modern Wedding Mom interviews Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks


NYC’s Top Romantic Hotels

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Whether it’s the winter storm reminding us to stay cozy indoors or cupid’s visit on Valentine’s Day, we keep thinking about New York City’s Top Hotels for Romance. Here’s a list of our picks:

Le Parker Meridien Normas 

 Le Parker Merdien: Start your romantic day with a couples massage at their Moonshine Spa then head over to the  speakeasy burger joint for one of the best burgers NYC has to offer. If you’re inclined to venture out of the hotel, a  Central Park row boat and picnic are minutes away or take a stroll to a Broadway show. The hotel also has a rooftop pool  and an observation deck where you can take great selfies of your romantic date with a skyline view in the background.   


dream pool beachThe Dream Downtown: The hotel offers one of the most romantic suites in NYC. The Presidential Suite offers Versace dinnerware, a California king bed, two-stories of luxury, but the best part is the terrace with a Jacuzzi that overlooks Manhattan. If you don’t have the Presidential budget the hotel also offers cabanas by the outdoor pool and sand just like the Hamptons. After a day by the pool, dinner at Cherry or Marble Lane, go to PhD’s terrace and have a cocktail with a view.

Empire Hotel Rooftop


Empire Hotel: Located on the west side of Central Park, the Empire Hotel has received much of its notoriety from the TV show Gossip Girl. For many that’s enough to impress but the hotel’s outdoor pool and rooftop is why we’re big fans. If you’re feeling chilly have a drink by the fireplace to keep warm. 


Fireplace NYLO

Nylo Hotel: The Nylo is offering a great couples package which includes a stay in one of their deluxe rooms, cocktails at the lobby bar (order the Hudson!), an in room movie, and dinner for two at Serafina. If you’re looking to upgrade further book the Loft Suite with a private terrace.


The Setai

Langham Place, Fifth Avenue: Nothing says romance like a 5 star hotel and a spa with 11 private treatment rooms. Enjoy a massage and the Aqua Lounge which includes refreshing snacks, a vitality pool, steam room, sauna, etc.   


Smyth Terrace Suite


Smyth Tribeca: Enjoy an intimate getaway by reserving the bed & breakfast package at the Smyth Tribeca in their Smyth Suite which includes a 300 sq. ft. terrace. Tribeca is central to the Financial District, SoHo, and the West Village so finding things to do will be easy if you decide to leave the comfort of this hotel.





Mondrian SoHo: This angelic hotel offers a two-night romance package which includes champagne, a movie, breakfast, and a surprise gift. Plan a dinner at Isola and then drinks at the speakeasy Mister H for the perfect staycation. 

Watch Good Morning America mention Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks live!

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Congratulations to Alexandra Rall and Jeremy Lazorka the winners of Good Morning America Epic Wedding Showdown! As part of their grand prize the couple and their wedding party received a complimentary stay at the Lexington Hotel in New York City sponsored by Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks! Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks is a FREE booking service that negotiates the best rates for your wedding room block.


Copy & Paste below to see the final challenge and their prize from Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks!



Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks giveaway on Good Morning America!

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072012slimDownKleinfeld Hotel Blocks is excited to announce that we are participating in the Good Morning America’s Epic Wedding Showdown.

On February 7, 2014 four lucky couples will be selected to compete for the Grand Prize which will include the following for the winning couple as well as six guests:

Round-trip coach airfare to New York City, transportation, wedding attire for guests, bridal gown, tuxedo for the groom, wedding bands, hair and makeup, flowers, photography, a Carlo’s Bakery wedding cake, a reception at Del Frisco’s and hotel accommodations at one of Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks top hotels in New York City! 

                                                                                                                           Good Luck Contests! 


DivaBookIt are professionals who can assist you with handling & negotiating booking rooms for you & your Wedding guests. We can help you find the Best Hotel Deals & rates because we specializes in negotiating contracts for blocks of rooms. We service NY, NJ, CT & also PA.